Have you had a false DMCA filed against you?

What is this site?

My name is Rob Reed, and I am a Los Angeles, California attorney practicing primarily civil litigation (i.e., personal injury, business start-ups, intellectual property, music, copyright, and internet law). I also maintain the YouTube channel “LiftAloft.”

In September, 2011, I made a YouTube video critiquing a group on the internet that I believe to be a dangerous cult. This group flagged my video, filing a false DMCA against a graphic I created that parodied the cult’s “logo.”  I countered this DMCA claim, using my real law office address, and the video was reinstated (I am pleased to say) on October 19, 2011 (15 days after the counter was presented to YouTube).

In October, 2011, a number of YouTubers started making videos against this group, and this group filed false DMCAs against them.  A few of these YouTubers publicly expressed that they did not wish to counter the DMCA claims because they were concerned with this group getting their “docs” (i.e., personal information) – especially considering that this group has already posted other user’s private information on the internet (including names of spouses, number of children, and location of residence).

In response, I created this website.

How Does It Work?

* You must be 18 years old or older, or you must have a parent agree to the agency on your behalf.

* You hire me as your Counter DMCA Agent for the sole purpose of receiving service of process from any DMCA filers who file and serve a lawsuit against you for the complained copyright infringement.  You must use your actual name according to YouTube policy. Please note, however, that this individual (who is part of a group that is notorious for filing the false DMCA on YouTube) countered a DMCA using a false name (Sylvester Andrew).

* You will be allowed to use my office address as your personal address and phone number, and you will be given a personal identification number so that I can forward any correspondence/lawsuits to you via email, should any be received.

* You insure to me that: (1) you are filing a legitimate fair use claim and/or you fully own the copyright to the video at issue (and its contents); (2) the contact information you provide to me is 100% correct; (3) you agree that you are fully prepared to defend your copyright in the video and its contents; (4) you agree that I can accept service of process on your behalf in the event the DMCA file files a lawsuit against you (for any copyright action related to the DMCA filing ONLY); (5) (most importantly) you consent to the jurisdiction of the Federal District Court (FDC) for the judicial district of Los Angeles (as this is the location of my office), or if you are out of the United States, to the FDC jurisdiction where YouTube HQ is located (I believe it is somewhere in Northern California).

* You pay $1.29 or $29.99 (if the Law Office of Robert Reed files on your behalf), U.S., via Paypal.

* You will get specific instructions on where and how to fill out the online counter DMCA form on YouTube, unless you have hired Robert Reed to file the Counter DMCA on your behalf.

* Once your counter DMCA is filed, YouTube has 14 working days to process your counter claim. During this period, the DMCA filer will have to file a lawsuit against you and provide proof of that lawsuit to YouTube. In the event that this does not occur, your video may be reinstated.

Please note that your contact information is entirely safe with me, pursuant to the attorney-client privilege. Upon receipt of a legal lawsuit, legally served against you at my law office, I will provide the filing party with notice that I have received the document and have forwarded it to the alleged defendant (i.e., YOU). I will not provide any other personal information, absent a court order. Please be advised, however, that service would be considered valid upon you via this process

Will This Work?

As of today’s date (9/16/2022), it should. It has been used successfully numerous times. As of today’s date, the instructions provided by YouTube do not indicate that this is against their counter DMCA policy. However, there is risk that you may lose your $1.29 or $29.99 and get nothing in return… but it is worth a shot, and definitely worth protecting your identity from those who merely wish to harass you. PLEASE NOTE THAT PAST SUCCESS IS NOT A GUARANTEE OF FUTURE SUCCESS.

So, after these caveats, if this still sounds good to you, then head over to the sign-up form.